Strong Parents, Strong Babies, Strong Communities

We Believe…

That mothers are strong

We Believe…

That when mothers are supported in their strength,

they grow strong babies and strong communities…

Parenting is hard work that begins long before we first lay eyes upon our children. It starts pre-conception, when we eat leafy greens (such as spinach) to increase our folic acid or exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It continues as we think about whether to use a midwife or physician for prenatal care, home or hospital birth, and what interventions, if any, we’d like.  As we labor to bring our babies into this world, we dig deep within ourselves, deeper than we’ve ever been before….often surprising ourselves by just how much we can endure.  During early postpartum and new parenthood, we forge a family: new, different, dynamic.  We care simultaneously for many needs, not all of which we understand.  Sometimes, we feel weak but always, especially during those times, we are strong.

 To be a parent is to be strong.

Strong Communities

Strong communities

come from strong parents…

Strong parents…

come from strong communities.

Only by working together,

supporting each other,

can we effect change.

In that spirit, Rolla Birth Network offers several forms of community support.  Check the Events page for upcoming Birth Circles and other events. A work in progress, our Local Resource Directory is a listing of various resources applicable to pregnant women and parents.  These include care providers, parenting groups, social services and more.  The community events page lists the outreach events hosted by Rolla Birth Network, as well as events hosted by other organizations may be of interest.

Click here for events.

Click here for the in-progress resource directory.